Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Well yesterday was a really great day for me. Al learned to give my injections, so now I will be able to stay a little pain free or at least tolerable. It turns out my sister could have paralyized me by the way she was injecting them, so I believe now that good things come from bad. The injection site was bleeding just about every time she gave them to me and they were painful, so it turns out she was putting them into a vein. Al did a great job and I didn't even feel the needle going in.

Well this is my messy work room. I can't call it a studio because there is basically no decor in it.
The rest of the photos are of little treasures that I have either gotten as gifts or found treasures. I adore Charming Tails and Red Hat things, even though I am not a Red Hatter. Just the color of red can get me crafting away until the wee hours of the morning. But now that I have my sleep schedule back, I don't want to mess it up.

Aren't these pink jars fab! I couldn't help myself and bought both of them. Not sure yet what I will do with them, but if I see something I like, and it's a good price, I try to get it. I am slowly packing things for my "future" shop.
When I saw this little bootie vase, I couldn't help but think of my candy bouquets. They had a pink one also, but there were so many chips in it that I left it. Now I wish I had kept my childrens as they would be close to 40 years old. Who knows they may still be in one of the boxes in the attic.
This little lady is just so cute in person. I have drawers filled with heads, but they are not flat like this one. Oh what I could do if they were. Al doesn't consider me a pack rat anymore when I showed him all the beautiful vintage things people are making. I still need to clean a spot on my desk so I can get busy crafting. I only have a few more boxes to unpack so I can start crafting again.

This is what I got the other day---all for a total of $6. The tiny figurines are from Japan and appear to be very old.

This is my Red Hat collection of Charming Tails. I have bears also, but I think I posted them last year. I am still missing 2 for a complete set, so will try and get them soon before they are retired.
Now Miss Diva is my favorite although they are all so cute.

This little kitten cookie jar was on ebay, but I got mine for 1/10 of what it sold for and no chips anywhere, but it's a keeper since I have Puss N Boots and some cute creamers.

I also picked up some "bling" for $.49 cents and still going through a big box of old jewelry a friend gave me. I have adopted her as my grandmother since I never had one and she calls me every week to check up on me and I her.
Well going to clear that desk and put away more things. I just don't want to ever move again. I got good news yesterday, my meds will not be as expensive as we thought. But I will be going into a "boutique" hospital on the 16th for my epheduram and will be put in as an inpatient, so will spend most of the day there. He doesn't like to send his patients home after a couple of hours like some do, so that makes me feel better. Please keep me in your prayers that this will help eleviate more pain so that life is tolerable. I can't sit for long hours like I used to and getting out of bed is like torture for me. I will probably have another MRI to check the neck and head and find out what's causing the dizzy spells and ringing in my left ear. I don't have an inner ear infection, so they don't know the cause.
Amy just want to say Congratulations on your beautiful new shop. I am not letting go of my dream and hopefully next year, mine will come true (again) I had one years ago, but was just too much work, trying to do craft shows, so closed it and did the craft shows. And since I will no longer do an outdoor show, I will only do a Christmas show.
Have a wonderful day everyone and prayers for those going through rough times and illnesses. I am finally to the point where my immediate family and friends are my lifeline, but God is at the front of the line. I have let go and Let God and whatever He decides is best for my life circumstances, I humbly accept it, because it's just things and not worth fighting over. As I said before, I lost my best friend, but my spiritual soul is worth more than that. I have forgiven and asked for forgiveness, but didn't recieve it back, so my life is going to be about putting God and my health before anything or anyone. Love and Hugs, Pat


Knitty said...

All your finds are wonderful, but especially those pink jars!

I am happy to hear that Al is giving your injections correctly and painlessly. Continued best wishes from me.

SweetAnnee said...

Oh I am SO glad your shots are figured out..Praise God
an I love ALL your lil treasure..and your pink jars are cool!

Happy 4th