Thursday, July 31, 2008

Missing my Mom


The above is a poem written by a dear friend from Australia.

It hardly seems like tomorrow will be a year mom died. In the first picture, my mom is on the right. Her twin died years ago. I amazingly look like my mom in my younger years. I miss sharing crafts with her and I guess that's why I just don't feel like doing much lately. But I need to keep her legacy that she left and push myself back into crafting. I miss her very much and in the last months of her life, she became the mom I had always wanted and was angry for not having more time. I often thought that some of her crafts were a little far off, but I am now seeing them at other blogs. I always looked at her safety pin angels and then I see people buying them. I have many of her old beaded projects that are so in right now. Even a box of vintage Christmas and Easter things that I would have thrown in the trash, but I will be using them to alter things. I don't mean to copy your ideas, but I see Mom was far ahead in her ideas and never thought I would be seeing them on blogs. My mom was never afraid to try any new craft and I think she learned them all. She was learning to watercolor before she died and I wish she would have been able to do more of it. She had a ceramic shop at one time and taught Senior Citizens to paint and she won many a ribbon for her out of the box items.

Mom, I miss you and wish we could have been given more time, but God knew his plans long before we did, so her work here on Earth was complete. This is mom with her twin when they were babies.

Mom in her teens and early 20s. This is one that is a very good image of me when I I was in my teens.

Mom on left (Laurice) and twin (Laura)

The engaged couple

Mom and Dad wedding photo
Were married for 62 years
Mom and Dad on their 47th
Mom and Dad lived in Branson from April until November and both worked their, mom teaching crafts and cooking. Dad did the gardening there and also cooked. They did what retirees are supposed to and made many friends from through out the US and Canada.
Mom and Dad, married 54 years


Nancy said...

Hugs to you....

Julie said...

I totally understand how you feel. I miss my Mom like crazy. When she died - I stopped riding my horses and my Father stopped playing the piano...the desire seemed to lift off the earth when she left. I am working on my riding again though and you should continue your crafting. I know both our Mom's would want us to.

The Urban Chic said...

Nancy and Julie, thanks for stopping by. Getting ready for my Birthday giveaway, so stayed tuned this week. Hugs Pat

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Wishing you peace and comfort in beautiful memories. I shall always miss the special people I have lost.

Mary said...

Hello Pat, You have some wonderful pictures of your Mother, her sister and your Dad.
My Mother died 10 years ago on Aug.4th. I still want to call her to talk or ask something only she would know...
Sending big hugs as we remember our sweet Moms. Mary

Jan~Feather Your Nest Antiques said...

Saw that you visited my blog and had to take a look at yours. Didn't get to stay long because I'm on my way to my shop but I'm coming back. We have some things in common. What is your "Human Resources" story about? If you read my profile, you'll see that I was in Human Resources for 23 years. I lost my Mom over six years ago and think of her and miss her every day. Be back soon.

Unknown said...

Hi Pat, What beautiful vintage photos of your Mother.. She was a beauty!
It's so hard to loose our parents we never get over it. We will always miss them.
Take care!
Hugs & love ~Mary~ :-}

Amy said...

Love those pictures!!!!!!
What a treasure you have in those photo images of your sweet Mom!