Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Feeling so great

Well I am feeling so much better now, but my gums are really sore. Gosh I wish I would have listen to my dr a long time ago and had the epeduram---I can walk without much pain and get out of bed easier. I was so afraid of something being stuck into my spine.
I found this cute little planter chair at Hobby Lobby for $10 with the summer clearance and I have an ice cream parlor chair that I need to take a before, then find some pretty pink material to recover it, then post it.
Now if any of you know anything about this vase, clue me in. It says made in Japan, so it's probably not old, but I like it just the same.
We are supposed to be dividing things today, but still waiting for my sister to call. I had planned on spending the night at my dads, but my sister went to my brothers and my blood sugar shot up to 305 and could not stop shaking, nor stand, so Al brought me home and I guess it was the stress from being there yesterday, because it dropped fast---165. I just want all this to be over with.
I found a cute little donkey with a wagon for cigarette butts and it appears to be very old. Will have to clean it up a bit and take a pic.
We are keeping an eye out in the Gulf of Mexico with "Donna" brewing. I just hate this time of year and this is early for a gulf storm. Still not really prepared yet--we usually wait until August, but we always keep extra batteries, but never enough water or canned goods---yuk!
Well going back to some organizing, so hope you all have a great day. Love and Hugs, Pat


Mary said...

Hello Pat, You have been a busy Lady. Sorry about all the pain and surgery. I pray your healing time is quick.
I too stopped by Mary's to check on her. Short e-mail said she has been busy. Summers are busy for all of us. I do not know if I will ever catch up on things...Sending soft hugs,Love and Prayers Mary :)
ps.Get some rest and drink plenty of water. our heat is terrible in East Texas!

Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
Well I just looked at the Nat. Hurricane Center's site to see what is "out there" and something is forming again off the coast of Africa. Odd how we really "pay attention" to these things this time of year.
If you come to Baton Rouge...let me know and maybe we can meet up for lunch or something. :~)
Just give me a few days notice so I can work my schedule out! HA! I've been crazy busy the past couple of weeks. Next week will be that way too then my neice and nephew head back to Iowa and Miss Priss goes BACK to school....and my son off to College ....whew!
So I will have some "spare time"...ummmm....I think. HA!
Keep me posted.
I am glad your doing well...sorry about the gums though.
I swear if it isn't one thing it's ANOTHER isn't it? It seems to be that way with me and this crazy body of mine.
Anyhow..hang in there...and stay in touch.
Be blessed,
Joyce M.

Julie said...

Well the worst seems to be over at least! Glad you are doing better. I agree with you..I am not ready for hurricane season either!