Saturday, July 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Look at all the bling I have to sort out and I just got a big box from the lady I adopted as my grandmother. Some of hers are both new and old, but fun pieces. I have been going to yard sales and thrift stores and my pile is growing. Now what to do with them!!!!
I have been a lazy blogger as of late, but organizing has been keeping me busy. Every time I think I have the last of the beads, I find another box. I have lace on top of lace and looking for a great way to display it without it getting dirty, so if any of you have any great ideas, please send them my way. I have a large cabinet at my nephews, but having problems getting it here and it's a deep red with brown wash, so I am hoping to prime and paint it a soft pink and put glass in the place of the wire. Then I could wrap the lace onto something pretty and use that.

I am also working on a giveaway for my birthday, so you will have to figure that one out, but I will give notice 2 weeks before. I want the winner to recieve it on or near my birthday. It will be my gift to you for God bringing such joy to my life. After the fog cleared, I finally found the person I was meant to be and it took a lot of heartache to depart from things and people that were keeping me from her. With the encouragement from a lot of you, I know that sometimes we have to stay away from things or people who bring us down instead of up.

I've been busy collecting things for my "future" esty or ebay store. I once had a shop in my house, but it's zoned R1, so I would not be able to get a license now and the spaces on Main street are out of my budget. My dream of moving into my parents house with the shop next door is gone and I don't want to waste anymore time thinking about that. It's all about going forward now.

Going to take some pictures of my old country pieces that hubby made so you can see the before. They have hearts cut out on most of them, so I am going to try and figure out what to do about that. Going to be painting them all white with some pink. I have been watching for handles for the doors, so I am pinching my pennies because I want some old glass ones. I have a couple of them and my neighbor gave me her old door with the glass knobs. Will try to have the inserts filled with fabric or replace the glass that has gotten broken. It sounds like I am in a manic state, but I am calm, cool, and collected right now. It's wonderful what prayers and a little help with meds can do.

I love playing with Paint Shop Pro and even though I am far from Mary(Isabellascloset), I do love trying. Well going to get dressed---I get to go to bingo tonight and sure would like to win the big jackpot---awe heck, I am going to win. Hope your weekend is filled with the joys of your life. Love and Hugs, Pat

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