Monday, March 7, 2011

Tornado that hit Rayne

This past weekend was horrible but we were spared from the tornadoes. One did touch down in Crowley, but it was about 12 blocks from our house. Rayne was not spared and it is one of the poorest areas in Rayne. It's really sad to see the damage done and the loss of a young mother saving her child. The results were in about her death and much was speculation until the final report. The tree that fell on her as she craddled her little boy (22 months old) broke her neck, but she died at the hospitall from a heart attack and that's the final report. Al was knocked onto a porch when lightening struck by and the tornado went over his head and spared him, but he said the rain was a circular motion and he was really scared and came home shaking. When he heard one hit Crowley, he called to see if I was okay, but except for the loud noise from the rain, I basiclly slept through it. Over 100 people are now homeless and over 20 people were injured, some just minor injuries. Every one said the tornado was white, so they must have been inside the tornado, but when it picks up a lot of rain, it usually is white, at least around here. One mail carrier had his truck picked up and spun around then flipped about 3 times, but he was not injured---just a little scared. Another rural carrier had to get out of his jeep and jump in a ditch to avoid the tornado, so he is okay also. Al doesn't know what to expect at work today, because an entire section has been closed off, so there will be no mail deleivery today.

In better news, we had a dinner Saturday night with some of my high school graduates and it was wonderful seeing old friends, even though it had only been 5 years since our last reunion. We are now planning our 45 reunion for next year. Time sure has flown by and I must say, hardly any of my friends have changed. At first I wasn't going to go, because the main topic when we got there was how I was doing after the heart attack, so we found a corner to sit in and enjoyed our meal and talked about other things, like our children and what we have been doing lately. It was a fun night for everyone. I am going to download some pictures from my friends facebook, she put them there for all of us to see and take.

To those who are facing flooding on the East Coast, I hope you stay out of harm's way. Will be praying for everyone as it seems there is bad weather to be found every where. Have a great week, Love and hugs, Pat

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