Friday, March 4, 2011

My temporary storage room and crafting space

'"This is my temporary storage room for some of my crafts. It's small plus my bedroom is filled with cubes and computer desk, so that when my new craft room is done, all of it will be in the same room.

It will be a delight when it is all finished, becasue the last picture will be part of my sitting area for my bedroom and the second photo will be a large walk in closet for my clothes and it will be 8X8 which is a great size for both winter and summer clothes,  not to mention the overstock of shoes and purses. I will even have space to put shelves up for my sweaters and things that don't hang. Looks like my dream will finally come true---a large craft room so I can get back to crafting like I use to.
Feeling a wee bit better today, but did wake up with a tightness to my chest, but they said that is normal. Hope you are having the king of weather we are having. It's so gorgeous, but rain is scheduled for tomorrow and Mardi Gras is Tuesday, then Lent begins for Catholics around the country. I prefer to abstain from being a grouch and a much happier person, which is who I really am. I am not a grouch, but I find myself being grouchy lately. I think it's because of the stress about moving home, which I really want to do and I know that Al will take good care of me and I won't have to be alone anymore. Love and hugs, Pat


Keianna Johnson (KeeKeeAllNatural) said...

Omg!I love how you have invested so much into your craft. You have inspired me to get moving on creating a writing station in my bedroom. Nice Job!

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

What wonderful storage units you have, Pat! Those are exactly what I would want if I had the money!! Can't wait til you get all settled and get everything just the way you want it! :0)

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

Joyce said...

I hope you all made it through those terrible tornados that hit your area. Let me know!!

The Urban Chic said...

Keianna, it took me over 5 years to collect my storage units and most were bought with gift cards and money from family and my children. I got them all at 40 to 50% off and a few at 65% off. I still have the corner units packed up for my new room which will be started in just 2 weeks.
Stephanie, it will take time to get the new room built, but it will be so worth the wait. I'm like a child in a candy store, but I will be getting rid of all my old craft things that we did 20 years ago and probably will come back in style. That's usually what happens. I can only keep what will fit in the big room, so we are going to make use of every inch.
Joyce, will post on your blog about the horrible tornado. Love and hugs, Pat