Friday, March 2, 2007

What to do with these

I have over 180 each of these glass thingies and an old suitcase. Not sure what to do with them, but I am sure sooner or later, something will pop into my brain. They came from an old light fixture that was in the house in the 1930s. My sister and I were given lots of old stuff from a house that was damaged by Katrina. I even have an old Decca record player that still works. We threw out more than we kept as we didn't know what or where to put it----regrets abound!

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Anonymous said...

Pat, they are chandalier prism's, they also can be beaded, I've seen patterns for them at Good Luck with the world of blogging.
I think you'll also find an old suitcase on the board that Jackie had painted, it was/is wonderful.