Monday, April 16, 2007


Well the house is filled with boxes and I am so stressing out. I had totally forgotten what it was like to move. I think smoochie needs to send me that mac truck that hit her for her birthday. I have packed and help move people so many times, but now every one seems to be busy, so we are on our own. If any of you would like to come over, you only need some overalls, I'll supply the refreshments from that mac truck. So if you don't see me here, you know that I am swamped in unpacking. I am so ready to craft again and can't wait to unpack those things first---dishes can wait-lol.


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The Urban Chic said...

And I still have more to pack---got a "honey do" list ready today.

Thriftin' Gal @ Junk In My Trunk said...

Oh my gosh!! I swear I am looking at my own house when I see your pictures...LOL...we are getting ready to move soon too, and I have been packing for a couple months now. My living room walls are covered floor to ceiling with packed banana boxes - someone came to view our house and asked if we liked bananas *giggle*

I would gladly help you pack if I could, I can easily help others but find it difficult to get my own stuff packed. Good luck to you!

Monica said...

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