Friday, May 4, 2007

What to do on a rainy day?

I used to love to sleep when the weather was dreary, but what we got was far from dreary---downright scary. A tornado passed over the northern part of Gramercy near the I-10, but not much damage. Lots of flooding in Metairie and New Orleans and we still have more bad weather next week.

Any way before I lose directions, I decided to go through some more old things and found the coolest apron tucked away with the potholders. The towel is cut off and not sure if I want to open the waist seam and put a new one, so will probably just leave it like that. Also found what I had left from my tea ball collection---sold the good ones for a decent price and kept the cute ones. Not sure if I will keep the apron, but not sure what to sell it for. Maybe I should hang onto it in case I find a swap that I can include it in.

The dish towel I have been having for over 20 years. A dear friend who is gone gave it to me and I just can't let it go, even though I don't display it any more.
Now if the weather wasn't bad enough, my daughter Chris, added to the excitement by sending me the pictures of her bungy jumping this weekend. She said it was the most exciting thing she has ever done and will probably do it again. She said these aren't that great and her friends will send some pics that they took. Her dad didn't know she was going to do it and I waited until today to let him know. If you ever get to Vancouver, Washington, she has a cute little vintage shop on Main Street called the Urban Eccentric. She recently sold a pair of original Levis for $1500. This is a girl who has a Masters degree in Audiology, but wasn't happy, so she bought a shop and has been doing great and is happy now---just wish she would hurry up and give me a grandchild---36 years old and her clock is ticking fast.

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