Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Word Wands

When I posted these, I realized that if you put your pics in the center, you can't click on them to see full size, so I am reposting them for those who might like to try and make them. They are really fun and if you have a Cropadile, punching the holes is like slicing through butter. I belong to a puzzle art collaboration group and we had to make 4 for 4. I decoupaged paper to them, then did the stamping and embellishing.


Anonymous said...

Love your "Word Wands"...they all turned out great. I had to get hubbie to use his electric drill to drill holes into mine...I tried to use the eyelet punch but the stick split...oops.

Maija said...

Hi Pat!
This is off your post topic. I emailed Mary B asking about getting the lung cancer ribbon she has for her blog and she sent me to you. My mom has lung cancer, and I would like to honor her on my blog in the same way. Let me know!

The Urban Chic said...

maija, let me know her name and I will put her name on it for her.