Sunday, July 15, 2007

Christmas in July Giveaway

I am now ready for my Christmas in July Giveaway and I hope others take the tag and join in for some fun. I will pick a winner at the end of July, so please post your comments about what Christmas means to you. You may choose from any one of the three. Good luck. If you visit, I will add your blog to my list of favorites.
These are squash scrapbooks and they are ready to just add your photos and embellishments.


carole said...

I read your comment on isabellascloset about psp. You both know psp and I am still trying.
Please enter me in your Christmas in July giveaway.
I love Christmas because my Mom (she is now 99) made Christ's birthday a time of prayer, gift giving and let her large family know they were #1 to her.
My 32 Y/O daughter was 11 months on her first Christmas and seeing this little human being struggle to stand and hold onto the pine tree boughs in her long baby blue gown is still my favorite memory of her!!!
Thank you

Amy said...

Please enter me into your giveaway!
At our house Christmas means family and celebrating Christ's birth.
I live in the house that my Dad built in the early 1950's. I inherited it. There are 4 tall tall pine trees at each corner of our front yard. They were the first 4 years' Christmas trees that my parents planted when they built the house. Come to my blog and read about my Fairy Village under the tall tall pines!

marylou said...

I love giveaways:) AND...therefore my favorite thing about xmas, not gonna "sugar coat it" ladies, would be GIFTS, PRESENTS, etc..:-) Not just receiving but giving!! What is more fun that watching someone open up a package that took you 3 months to find, you know, the one of a kind ONLY ever made gift..... and then spent 3 days to create the handmade gift wrap which they rip & tear & shred open in 30 seconds..... only to hear them yell, WOOHOO..YIPPEE...Just what I wanted.....NEXT ONE PLEASE!!!! Nah, love all of xmas!!!! The "true" meaning, the decorating, the family gatherings, the LOVE & LOOK of hope in every child's eyes that this year he or she will get that special present from Santa:-)
Hug Life, Marylou

Crafty Gardener said...

Christmas is a time for sharing, caring and happiness ... a time shared with family and friends.

Your squash books are wonderful.

Mary said...

I love the old fashioned ones,where first it is about the birth of Jesus. Then all the family and friends. Seeing the little one open their gifts and the light that shines in their eyes. The wonderful home made food (yes I said home made) Remember what that is?) Can you smell the cookies that your Mother and Grandma made. Please sign me up before I get
too hungry:)

NettieP said...

Love your squash anyone of them would be fine to give
I love's so HOT here "down under" at that time of the year...we BBQ outside loads of food & splash around in the pool with my family that is the best thing...having all my children & hubbie around me.

IsabellasCloset said...

Christmas means giving to me. I love giving whatever I can to my friends and family..

I have added a prayer request to my blog for Brenda. Please know you are both in my prayers!

inspiration=creation said...

I love it ... enter ME please!!! (HUGS)

Charmingdesigns said...

Just found your blog. Please enter me into your givaway. I LOVE your craft room! We have a lot in common.Christmas is a time for Joy. Laurie

MaryB said...

Please enter my name too!!

Kristin said...

I'm not sure what a squashbook is but these are very cute! Btw, I've said a prayer for Brenda.

FourSistersInACottage said...

Please enter me in this FUN GIVEAWAY...I promise as soon as this whole chemo thing is over I will have weekly give aways to make up for my monthly ones I can't do right now...
thank you Tiny Tim,,,,
Amy (Mom to the FOur Sisters)

Lucy said...

Aside from the religious meaning of Christmas, I love the feeling of togetherness the holiday season as a whole brings forth from everyone. You get a bigger sense of community, family, and friendship around the Christmas holidays than any other time of year. I love cooking and baking and having get togethers with everyone, and surprising people with thoughtful gifts--and of course I love the excitement the children, anticipating their gifts. They are getting a little older and they love picking out their own gifts to give--and they do put a lot of thought into their choices. We always do something for someone else less fortunate than ourselves, even though we don't have a lot--there are others with much less than we have. I try to pick children off the angel tree around my son's age and have them pick out things for the two children, or one year we adopted a older person in a nursing home who had no family or visitors and tried to brighten their day.

This is probably more than you wanted to know--but it kinda sums up how we feel about the holidays and what we do!! :)


Julie said...

I adore Christmas! Please add me to the growing list of people who would love to have a book. Thank you and please take a small visit to my blog as well.