Wednesday, July 18, 2007

News about Brenda

Brenda just got back from the doctor and he wanted to do her biopsy, but she goes to Alabama for a long needed vacation, so she asked to wait until she gets back to have it done. She said she feels okay about it and won't think about it while she is resting---she's letting me do the worrying and it's what I do best-lol. I got this really cute sign for the shop, but I wanted to get the one that said "I'm not controlling, I just want things done my way". My bil said he would run us both over with a car if he found us fighting, which we do have disagreements, but we never leave mad at each other, so our relationship is stable. She told me I need to speak up more, so now I always start out by saying---"Don't get mad, but I have to say something" and she listens to what I have to say without getting mad.
So I ask you to continue your prayers until after her vacation and I will let you know as soon as she gets her results back. Thanks so much for everyone's prayers and kindness. She means the world to me and I love so much. We have a standing joke---she's the city mouse and I am the country mouse, but she is trying very hard to change me back to a city mouse.


FourSistersInACottage said...

Considered it done and just keep us posted to what she finds out after her vacation.....
Love and Hugs, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Amy, you are so sweet even with all you have on your plate. I told Brenda about you and it gives her courage. I will let you all know in 1 1/2 weeks.Hugs,Pat

carole said...

Hi Pat:
I am glad "the city mouse" is taking a probably much needed vacation. You have a very close loving sister-love. How cool. I really like th photos you have posted. You really do a lot; love the squash books.

NettieP said...

Keeping Brenda in my thoughts &'re so lucky to have a close relationship with your sister...take care...hugs to you both.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Carole and Nettie.
Carole, I will come to visit your blog later---I'm unwinding from taking care of my nieces---ahhhhh Calgon take me away!