Friday, August 10, 2007

It's getting better all the time

Well I am having good moments right now. Talked with Dad last night and he is also having good moments, but nights are tough.

Before we left, he talked with my oldest brother and Brenda and said he wanted me to take Mom's crafting, beading, and sewing things home, but will need a u-haul, seriously.

But the greatest surprise was when I was sitting in the living room and he put something in my hand---a beautiful ring he had just bought my mother. Not sure if it's the real thing, but it doesn't matter. There was also a beautiful topaz ring, but I gave it to my youngest sister as she asked if she could have it----aren't I a nice person. A heart shaped jewelry box went missing and that is probably where her Mother's ring we all gave her is. I also lost my antidepressant medicine and have some ideas about that, but that's a whole other story. I only brought a few things with me, probably about 1/1000 of the supplies she had.


NettieP said...

Hi Pat,
Gosh you've sure got a good lot of craft etc goodies there...& yes you are a nice person for giving your younger sister the ring.

The Urban Chic said...

Nettie, if you only knew how much is still there. I am going to make things to sell for my dad to help him with her medical bills. Hugs, Pat

Becky said...

Hi Pat ~ I am reading through your posts and have to tell you that I dread the day when I (executor of my mom's will) have to go through her things. She is a collector, artist, pack-rat and a thrift store junkie. I am sitting here looking at the 1/1000th of your mothers things and can only wonder what is in store for me. I told my mom just two days ago that she better out live me! I hope that you are feeling will be a slow process..a lot of pain and a lot of thinking and remembering. Take care and get some rest...xo, Becky