Monday, September 3, 2007

Feels like I have been gone a month

Thank you Amy for your nice award---I will cherish it always. I feel like I have been gone a month, but we had a great time with my dad and he came with me to Gramercy, but will be leaving soon. He is taking a nap, so I thought I would come in and catch up in blogland---maybe tonight when every one is gone, I will just sit and relax and play on the computer.

I brought more boxes of things and you would not believe the amount of silk roses and flowers mom had, not to mention 5 cases of ribbon.

We sat one night and looked at old photos and then we took a picture of us with dad. Try and guess who is the oldest daughter.


Julie said...

Umm - my guess is the one who got the best seat! ha hah.. All are beautiful though.

The Urban Chic said...

Julie, I meant the sisters-lol. I know my dad has the best seat and he was so happy having us there. I already miss him and he only left yesterday.

Nettie said...

Your sister in the denim shorts is the oldest?