Saturday, February 2, 2008

Last year's Mardi Gras

Well it's almost Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday) here in

Louisiana, and I thought I would show you what my

house usually looks like, but this is last years because

I'm not living at home right now, but will be home soon

to decorate for all the seasons. Easter decorating will

start after Ash Wednesday. Click on for a larger view--I made them too small.

I sent mizsmoochielips some beads one year

and her hubby wanted to know if I had to raise

my shirt up for beads-lol. Only "Girls gone Wild" do that, unless you want to end up in jail!

We spent our Mardi Gras Day dressed up in Metairie where it is a more family environment, but you still see some strange things.

This is a picture of my "muse"! I sure could use her for inspiration right now, but sadly she's packed away until next year.

As you can tell I still haven't gotten the hang of blogging. but it's still fun and the adventure is the learning. Wish I could throw you all some beads, but being heavy as they are, I could probably only send you one strand. Now to figure out what I can do with the hundreds of strands I have collected over the years.

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