Friday, March 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Well today is a blue day for me. I really shouldn't post at all, but I know that Dad is looking down and I want him to know that I wish him a Happy Birthday. We are having a special mass at church for him today, so as soon as the benefit is over, I head back for that.

I have many wonderful memories of my dad, including all the vacations we took across the USA. I learned lots of tips on building and finishing a house from him as we helped out with staining doors and cabinets at the age of 10, so the house I grew up in is very important and my son and Al may buy it together. It's out in the country and on a stary night, it's a spectacular beauty. God knew what He was doing. We went fishing and hunting with my dad and when he would go to check my grandfathers' rice fields, we got to swim in the irrigation canals---talk about some cold clear water.

When we became teenagers and no longer wanted to see the USA, they started renting beach cabins on the gulf and we would stay there for 2 weeks in the summer. Dad was such a gentle person and left this world with no enemies and except for a small mortage, he owed no one and made us promise to pay his debts so that his credit would not be ruined.

Our community was almost like the Amish, everyone who knew a trade, helped each other build their homes. You traded vegetables and such and when someone brought you something, you never returned an empty plate or pot. I miss those days, because we have a large family and get togethers were so much fun, but as every one grew older, the next generation wants no part of all that---they have their own lives and friends and family reunions are for older people. Yea, right. So now my son wants to have one at my dads house and that really shocked me. We are hoping to do it soon, as my dads sister is older than he was and she is going blind from the diabetes, but she calls me all the time to check on me.

So hold your family close to your hearts, we don't have them forever.

Happy Birthday Daddy, I love you and miss you and give mom a hug for me.


carole said...

Oh Pat:
After reading your post I feel a real link to you (today is my birthday too), I use to swim in the irrigation canals/ditches as a young child, my Dad was a Master Carpenter and taught me many tricks of the trade, he too was a gentle soul. He went to Heaven in 1986 (he was 84) in a car accident.
Never return an empty plate or bowl is how I was taught too.
Enjoy this day in prayer to your Dad!!!
Thank you for the information. I am e-mailing you
Peace & Love

The Urban Chic said...

Carole, thanks so much---my childhood and adult memories of my dad are too good to lose. My dad built our house when my mom was pregnant with me, so that's why it means so much to me. Dad was 86 and lived 12 years more than they said he would, but having him die the day after Christmas was very hard.Will be gone until Sunday night, but will get back with you as soon as I return. Love Ya, Pat

Alison Gibbs said...

Pat what a lovely post honouring your Dad and his birthday.
Take care

Anonymous said...

Daddies are special. My dad will always hold a special place in my heart. My dad used to be a very loving giving person, never met a stranger. But the ugly disease of Alzheimers has robbed him and us of so much so I do understand. We will always hold them close to our hearts.

LeAnn :)

The Urban Chic said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments. I do miss my parents, but am enjoying living in their house, but can't wait till I bring my own furniture there, but for now until succession is over, everything has to remain. Love and Hugs, Pat