Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy finishing up Christmas

I will be AWOL again for a few days. I have doctors appt. tomorrow and hope to visit some craft shops---2 months is too long! I am trying to finish up as much as I can today, but not likely as I still have 4 more trees to put the ornaments on. I wasn't going to bring it all out, but each box brought so many memories, I just couldn't help myself. As a sweet friend said, it looks like the elfs upchucked in my house, but we enjoy it and we have already sat and watched movies with hot cocoa and cookies----I always seem to stress out during the holidays because of a craft show, but not this year and I love it. I have time to reflect the true meaning of Christmas and that brings Joy to my heart.

I can't wait to see all the beautiful homes on the 15th that are listed on Deena's blog-Can I be Pretty in Pink. I hope you all take a visit and tour all the wonderful decorations. If you haven't joined, we still hope that you will post yours---I'll be sneaking around like Santa to see.

See you all in a few days. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Nettie said...

Good luck with your Dr's appointment.
I look forward to seeing your Christmas decorated house...hope that you take some pictures & share as you always do have wonderful decorations.
Love Nettie