Friday, January 23, 2009

Beautiful Award from Amy

I recieved a really nice award from Amy at are the rules:

#1 The winner may put the logo on their blog

#2. put a link to the person who sent out the award

#3. nominate 3 blogs

#4. put links to their blogs

#5. leave a message for your nominees

Connie at


IsabellasCloset said...

Hi Pat! Darling thanks so very much for this award.. I am SO very honored that you thought of little old me to give it to! What great company I am in.. Joyce & Connie are both such wonderful Gals, just like you.
I love you! ~Mary~ :-}

The Urban Chic said...

Mary, you are so welcome. Today was a good day. Luv You too, Pat

Joyce said...

Thank you, thank you Pat.
You are very kind. I appreciate you thinking of me.
Glad to know also that your going to be just fine!!
Buldging discs are a drag though. I have one they tell me. UGH!
That last car wreck where I was hit put me over the edge with that.