Friday, January 2, 2009

What a way to start the New Year

This is what Donnie sees from his window and across the street. Oh how I wish I were there, but it's white right now and very cold, so hopefully in the fall, I will get to go.

I am so ready to start boxing up everything, but we always wait until the 5th. It seems as though the trials are continuing---my aunt had to have an emergency surgery last night for an obstruction and lost 6" of her large intestines. Luckily she became very sick, other wise, it would have been worse. She is doing good today and we are all grateful.

Even though the last 8 years have been hell, I have so much to be thankful for and we have received so many Blessings from God, family, and friends.

The 5Th officially starts Mardi Gras Season, but the King cakes are already in the stores, not to mention Valentine. I didn't go to any after Christmas sales, but hoping that Joannes will still have these organizers for glass ornaments that I Need!

My Joys today

Blessings from God

A beautiful email from Donnie

My aunt is okay

Deena is doing better

Our weather is nice

I wish all of you, better days ahead, but I am sure most of you are like us---tightening our belts and forgetting about the "Wants" and concentrating on the "Needs". I did some more organizing and I just cleared a space to work, so hopefully I can get back to what I like to do. Have a great weekend. Love and Hugs to all.


Mary said...

Happy New Year Pat, What a Beautiful view:) Can I go too? The Angel is lovely and I know that it just made you day being reminded that he "IS" watching over us:) I know I need all the help I can get:) Brandy is getting the last of her things out of her room, still need the floors fixed. So Hoping I get to craft, sometime in the next year???
May God Bless you and yours.Hugs and Love Mary:)

The Urban Chic said...

Mary,thanks for stopping by. I was just amazed when Bryan sent me that picture he took.
I too hope that I can get back to crafting---I have missed it so much and the only thing I did was make an LSU squash book for a cousin and an angel for Deena's Pink swap.
Many Blessings for the New Year. Love and Hugs, Pat

Amy said...

Thanks for the visit. I hope your new year is the best!!!!

SweetAnnee said...

That is an awesome view..even if it is cold..I bet

So glad your aunt is doing ok..what a scare..
Life just slings things at us constantly..
I hope your New Year is BLESSED and brings MANY good things..
you deserve MANY blessings
love you


Joyce said...

PLEASE you and anyone else pray for a family that goes to my friends church in St. Francisville.....their kids were in a horrible accident near Alexandria today and the 25 year old son was killed....the middle child is on machines of some sort but doing better...the youngest child is on life support and they are telling them they are "brain dead".....they are waiting through the night.....tomorrow they will make a decision.
These parents and family need MERCY and Grace right now.

This family is named the "Lowes" I don't know them personally....but my friends do.
Thank you.....
Joyce M.

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I will be praying for the Lowes and wish that God comforts them through this. Thanks for letting me know. Hugs, Pat