Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hello everyone who visits

Well I have no good news to report yet, but I had my nuclear stress test done on Monday and should hear something by the end of the week. I had blood test this morning to rule out thyroid problems because I have lost 10 lbs in a little over a month and it's not from not eating because I eat about 6 small meals a day. I am now down to 123 and haven't been that skinny since 1973. In the last year, I have gone from 144 to 123. I had another attack the other and it's not fun.

But good news, I am getting dial up Internet soon, so I hope I will still be able to keep in touch. I miss everyone so much, but I am really scared right now. I just can't understand how my bad cholesterol could be 1274.

My friend, sister, and Al have been working really hard with me to get the house painted and ready to sell. The rooms are looking great and we are still praying Al can buy the houses so I will have one to live in.

I wish you all life's blessings and hope to post and visit again. Love and Hugs, Pat


Connie said...

Pat, I skimmed through my Google Reader this morning quickly and was going to come back and ask you what you meant by "going to get dial up" soon. How do you get on the internet now? Most people have high speed and a few in places where it isn't available yet have dial up. But you'd need one of those to get on the internet so I'm a bit confused, sugar.

I'm certainly glad you're doing well though, chickee......


SweetAnnee said...

Hi Pat
I didn't realize you were still there or I would have told you by email I LOVE my
goodies..I truly cherish them and your friendship
I am making something to send you, but
don't think I'll ship until I get back from our vacation

I'm praying you'll get GOOD news soon
love ya

Julie said...

Hope all went well with your test.

I have not been able to sit and enjoy blogs for a long time...because of my sugery and the meds. I am playing catch up now!