Saturday, September 19, 2009

What to do when your own brother assaults you?

This is not an easy subject, but my brother has been giving us problems and was stealing things from the garage and has taken all my dad's tools without permission. He came to get some flower pots that my sister said he could have but she asked me to go in and make sure that's all they took. He got upset and told me not to look at him with "those eyes"--whatever that means. Any way, he locked me in the dark garage and when I walked to the door and turned the deadbolt, he shoved the door into me, but I grabbed onto a bed frame to keep from falling. I was stuck in a corner and he grabbed me very hard by my arms and when I told him to let me go because he was hurting me, he shoved me to the floor atop a stack of boards. I had over 7 bruises on my back and a bad scratch on a piece of jagged wood. I couldn't move because I fell right on the bulging disk. He told the police that he never touched me but I will post the pictures when I transfer them from my laptop. I have his entire finger print bruises on both arms. I also hit my head on a ladder. I called 911 and he asked why I wanted to do that, because he had enough problems already. I know I am pouring my heart out in public, but there is more to this that I just can't divulge. I was taken away in an ambulance because I had to take a nitro. The doctor refused to Xray me and they gave me Nothing for my pain. This was Saturday and on Friday, I had to go in for an epidural that did not help at all. The physical and mental exhaustion is what caused me to become ill and has weakened my immune system, therefore, they have me resting for 3 to 4 days. I reported it to the police and filed a complaint--I do want to press charges, but not sure if I should. He is violent and we had a very expensive deadbolt put on my bedroom door. Brenda called him and told him he is not allowed on the property because I am paying rent, so he is very angry. I am just confused about what to do, but the female deputy said I should bring charges because abusive men are likely to do it again.
All opinions are welcome.
I did sit in the bed today and made a bible bookmark for our Church Bazaar and a pocket rosary.
I lost another 2lbs and not sure why. I will be making an appt. with my gastro doctor to have a second opinion and I see my pain management doctor on Thursday---he was very upset when he saw the bruises. To top things off, Al accidentally dropped a heavy board on the top of my foot and have a very bad contusion, so can barely walk on my left foot.
Sorry that I always have bad news and rarely anything good to say, but I am doing extra praying for my smile and happy attitude to return and I know it will. I am tough cookie and never give up, no matter what cross God sends me. My Faith is strong, so I know I will heal from all this drama. I have done so much for my brother and it's just hard to believe that he could be so cruel and then lie to the police, but I don't think he realized that the bruises would show. He told them I slipped and fell---his wife even told him not to lock me in, then she told the police that she accidentally locked me in, but yet I saw him when he slammed the door and put the key in.
Okay, enough of that. I have been re-doing some things that I found that were horrible and dirty and can't wait to show you next week.
My 60Th birthday came and went and was very uneventful.

Please keep my little grand niece in your prayers. Her swab test came back and she has swine flu, but a mild case, but they are watching her closely. This is Libby that I took care of when I lived in Gramercy. We had 5 people die in Louisiana just this week.
Well I need to get back to bed. It's easier at night because most people are asleep, so I have an easier time with the dial up. Blessings to all of you. Pat


Alison Gibbs said...

Such a difficult position for you to be in. No one deserves to be assaulted. You do what is right for you, don't worry about what other people say - it is your decision.
Take care and sorry that your birthday wasn't a happier time for you

The Urban Chic said...

Alison, thanks for your comment. My sister wants me to let it rest, but if he can do this to me, I would imagine he is abusing his wife. I am praying for God's guidance before I make my decision. Big hugs, Pat

Knitty said...


Joyce said...

Very sad indeed to have this going on in your family. I hope you can forgive him in your heart. That doesn't mean you have to hang out with him and be "friends"...just move on because obviously he's an angry person that needs some help.
Just move on Pat.
Keep your heart clean and a smile on your face.
Be blessed.......Joyce

carole said...

Sorry for the sadness in your life. Pray extra hard and do what your heart tells you to do. No one should have to accept abuse. Oh, the trials and tribulations one must face : (
When I turned 60 in March it was just another day : 0
Take care, sweet friend
hugs & love

Fenice said...

Hello~ I was reading your blog and appreciating your great work with your crafting~ great to see you give new lives to things! You might want to have your doctors test you for diabetes~ the uncommon form of it (rapid, unexplained weight loss is an indicator sometimes as is extreme tiredness). On the other note~ always press charges~ in my view there are consequences to actions~ even the Good Lord makes that clear~ you can forgive and you should but the consequences still need to happen. Without consequences such as pressing charges it conditions these types of violent people that they can get away with these actions~ reinforces and strenghtens the negative behaviors. Next time it will possibly be nastier (or to someone weaker, etc) because they aren't held accountable. This is nothing we wish on anyone so we must act to prevent it. Blessings. ~Suzanne