Wednesday, December 16, 2009

400Th Post----Gotta love those Saints

Had to show this cute picture of what the New Orleans sky looked like 2 weeks ago. The Saints are doing great and I hope they make it to the Super Bowl. I thought it was held in New Orleans, but it will be in North Carolina this year.
Well today is my 400Th post and although many have been negative, my New Year's Resolution is to get back my mojo and start creating again. As I said, I will have a giveaway, but it will be posted after the New Year and since it's too late to make a Christmas giveaway, this one will delight the Heart. No hints-lol.
Donnie will be arriving on Friday and I am very excited and I know there will be many tears of Joy shed.
I am having another epiduram next Wednesday, so I will have help in the kitchen, as I am supposed to take it easy for 48 hours and this time, I will!
The weather here is nasty and wet and more rain expected tomorrow. The ground is so saturated, there is no place for the rain to go. Thank God, that we are in the South and it won't freeze up. Would be fun to slide on the ice, though---well not me, but the children.
I see the end of the circle, so only good things ahead for me. I know that 2010 will bring lots of Joy, Happiness, and praying for better health or at the very least, not get worse.
My neighbors in Crowley are both moving, so Al doesn't know what to expect. They were both wonderful families and it will be sad to see them move.
My daughter is after me to open an Esty shop. She started one, but I haven't looked at it yet. Dial up is soooo slow and I can barely visit one blog and it takes almost a half hour to load all the beautiful Christmas decorations. Al pulled out 2 trees that stay decorated and I am hoping that he can bring an empty one out and get Donnie to help.
One of our friends son died and he was so young---in his 30s. His dad had MS in his early married years. His mom is a very dear friend of my aunt and she picks her up once a week to go out and eat.
I will be posting again before Christmas, but I hope you all are enjoying the wonderful festive lights and visiting family and friends. As for me, the True meaning of Christmas will be in my Heart more than ever this year. I have stayed away from the stores and malls, but had to make one trip for some bath gel and get Christmas cards for my children. It's crazy out there and this was a Thursday, so I can't even imagine what it is like on weekends.
Well Al brought me some huge plastic containers, so I am packing things that I don't need and sending most of my craft things home. Brenda wants the house to be presentable, so I don't feel the need to fight about this one. I am keeping my case with beads and stitching cards to keep me busy while watching videos on my laptop. Wishing you all a Happy fun filled weekend. Love, Hugs, and Prayers to all who are fighting illness right now. Pat

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Nettie said...

...It's very very extremely HOT here "down under" at the got to 105 humid & sweaty. It did attempt to storm about 30minutes ago but seems to have blown away for the moment. Hot wind too...blahhh
But, then that's what an Aussie Christmas is all about - heat, humidity, bushfires, fun fun...hahahaha
Take care of yourself Pat. Good to read your 400th Post...hard to believe it's been that many posts...where does the time go?
Love Nettie