Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Snow is gone and Who Dat?

How about our Saints! Wow who would have thought they would come this far. Guess we can throw the brown paper sacks away and do away with the "Aints"! If they win tomorrow, they will be 12 and 0----Super Bowl is looking good and will bring lots of money to the city and state. Hotels are booked already and for those who can't afford the tickets, there will be many tailgaters out there and parties in every house and sports bars. I like college football, more because of the outrageous salaries that the pros make. Did I fall asleep when the sport became a business! I have some orders for candy bouquets if they make it to the Super Bowl, so guess I have to hope that they get there.
Well we didn't think that it would last, but it was cool just the same. There is still some on roof tops, but melting and making a mess.
I am not sure if this is my 400th post or not, but if it is, I will still keep my word for a giveaway, but things are happening fast right now and my computer will be going home tomorrow. Not sure how long it will take me to get on my laptop---it's old and slow. So if you don't see me post, you know why.
Donnie, my son, lifted my spirits so much and he will be spending an entire week with me. He usually divides his time between family and friends, but I get him for an Entire week, so baking cookies will be done.  Not sure how much decorating I will get done, but it will be simple this year.
A dear sweet blogger has helped me through some things and I can't thank her enough. She knows who she is and is very humble, so no need to mention any names.


Amy. said...

Stopping in to get caught up and say HI!

SweetAnnee said...

The Saints are doing SOOOO awesome
Rich and I are rooting for them to go undefeated..

Miami has had that since 1972 WAY too long