Sunday, December 27, 2009

This could go on Forever

I am having the time of my life and I wish it would last longer, but this has been one of the best weeks I've had in a very long time. The guys are gone to watch the Saints play, so I have a day to myself.
Last night Donnie and I went to play bingo and he won $150. He was so excited because when he would go and play with his mawmaw and pawpaw, he never won. He will be leaving in the morning and visit his friends in New Orleans, then fly out New Year's Eve. From there he will be leaving on a train for Montreal for New Years. He took lots of pictures and I am hoping he downloads them to my computer before he leaves---I still haven't found mine.
We did a lot of talking about things and he has helped me make some big changes, so the New Year will be a good one. We are looking forward to taking a train ride to Washington in May. This will be new experience for me and on my Bucket List. Next will be Niagra Falls when I go to NYC.

The only thing that could have possibly made Christmas better was having Chris and David here, along with my parents, but they were all with us in spirit.

Chris sent me a box full of vintage pillow cases and doilies, plus an Ole Soul Angel that she and David picked out when they went on a weekend trip to a Bavarian town. I always believed I was born with an old soul, so she knows me well. Also got a gift card to Micheals and some vintage wrapping paper. I will post pictures as soon as I locate my camera.

My hope this year is for people to pay it forward if you have received many Blessings.  My wish for everyone is to enjoy Life to it's fullest, because it's gone in the blink of an eye. Our friends across the street lost 2 cousins that were brothers, just 20 days apart and both were very young. So please keep Steven and his family in your prayers.

Not sure if any of you watched the weather, but Tornadoes ripped through here on Christmas Eve morning. We were lucky because it just passed above us and touched down on the other side of the I-10. Donnie and I both heard the roaring and the winds were blowing things around the  backyard like crazy. We went to bed with them saying it was only a watch, so we didn't worry about it. Please pray for these families. Donations were picked up quickly and 2 huge trucks with wrapped gifts were delievered, while men were up on roofs trying to cover up empty attics. If you are interested you can go the Crowley Post Signal and see the devastation it caused. Minor injuries, so no deaths except in Scott where a tree fell on a young man's trailer.
Well got to get going and get dressed. I hope you all continue to enjoy the rest of the holiday. Love, Hugs, Prayers, and Peace. Pat


Amy. said...

Glad you are having some fun. Wow--the bingo winnings were a plus!!!!
Glad the tornado did no damage to you and your place.
All the best to you.
Thanks for the visit to my place.

The Urban Chic said...

Amy, thanks for stopping by also. My son went home with his $110 because he gave me and one of our friends each $20. He is visiting friends in New Orleans before leaving for NYC, then off to Montreal for New Years. I will be going back to the country so dial up again, so not sure how many blogs I can visit daily. Hopefully that will all change soon. Have a Happy and Safe New Year, Hugs, Pat

Denise said...

I never did have any luck with bingo.. but it is a lot of fun once in a while. We live in a tornado ally and I hate those things.. I am ok until the siren blows and then I am freaking out. I am so glad that you did not have any damage to your home or your self. I so respect those things and I get out of their way if possible.

Have a Happy New Year girl.. Wishing you much joy that only HE can bring.. See you in 2010. We have much to share......