Thursday, January 21, 2010

Home resting

I would like to thank Deena for posting for me. I am home now, but bed rest for a week. It turned out, I have a severe UTI, my white blood count is very low and I am dehydrated. They put an IV in as soon as we got there and pumped some fluids into me. I am on a strong antibiotic--Cirpro 500, but taking twice a day. I have to avoid contact because with  my white cells are so low, I can catch just about any bug out there. Can't figure out how I became dehydrated because I drink a lot of water and don't drink soft drinks. At least that explains why I was so tired all the time.. Thanks for any prayers you have to offer. This happened in 2003 and I ended up in ICU dying, only I was also malnurished. I have never had a urinary trach infection in my life, so I just thought the pain was from the scar tissue.

I am going back to bed---the antibiotics make me really nauseated, but they gave me something for that. I will post my giveaway sign up this weekend, so hope you all join and tell your friends about it. Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers to my email address. Love and hugs, Pat


Amy. said...

Glad you are home. Get well soon!!!!!

Denise said...

I am so so so very sorry that I have not been over here and did not know to pray........ I have put your blog over on my once a day list and this will not happen again.. I am glad that you are on the mend but I will remember you each night in my prayers....... Get well girl.. and I will be back tomorrow to check on you..