Friday, February 19, 2010

2 weeks of agony on the phone, but great Valentine gifts

These are some of the wonderful gifts that my EX bought for me. I guess he thought I needed this because of all the frustration with my PC. Click for larger images.

This is called The Paper Craft Station and it makes boxes, cards, envelopes, and lots of embossing. He printed out a bunch of coupons and made several trips back and forth, but they let him use a 50% coupon, plus he got an extra 20% off his entire purchase on most of the things above and below.Have you ever seen the vintage Cracker Jacks---not great prizes inside. Wish they had put some of the old things like they used to.
These are new cubes and I now have over 50, at least. I lost count and also have some corner cabinets, plus lots of utility cabinets all waiting for my larger craft room----yea for income tax. He is going to use it to build a 24X20 room. I can't wait. I am so excited and have been altering things for the room. I only need to decide what I will do with all the brown things I have. I am hoping he will have an extra room that he will let me decorate with Saints and Stamps and his Marine Corps things.

This is a mask I bought after Mardi Gras. I was going to wait until they were 66 or 75 % off, but didn't want to take a chance. They have plenty of blank masks that I think I will get to alter like this. I am trying to find a manniquin with a head on it, so I can use it with my pink prom dress and jewelry.

And finally, I bought this several weeks ago and I think it fits me to a tee! Even the doctor agrees that crafting is probably cheaper than therapy and you get to see a finished product.

Well I am finally back on line, but it was very frustrating and it turns out they added an extra number to my password and used a lot of my minutes on my cell phone. We went from 4,000 rollover to 800, because they needed me to be on my cell phone to fix things. I am so mad at ATT and I think I may demand them to return my minutes. This makes no sense. If you use your house line, it's free---but with your cell phone, you are charged for Tech service and it was ATT's fault.

In other news, I see a urologist on Monday to rule out bladder cancer. The infection lasted too long and I can't take any more antibiotics unless I am in the hospital. Also not sure if I told you, I will be having spinal surgery. It won't take care of all my pain, because it's too dangerous to remove the adhesions. It could cause another blockage and loss of more intestines.

I have been a little under the weather, but my outlook is so uplifting with an added medication---Abilify. It is so amazing to wake up in the morning and actually wanting to jump out of bed and work on things. I have been sanding, priming and will begin painting tomorrow, barring no rain. I am working on some Saints squash books, but can't put the saints on them, but will give them to people who want them to put on their books or in them. I'm still on Cloud 9 with our victory.

Not much else going on. I will have some before and after next week of things I am working on.  I can't wait for Al to add the huge room onto his house.

I did send my sister an email apology because we all know that Tomorrow may never come and I don't want to leave for home with our Lord with hate in my heart. Not sure how that will play out, but I am preparing myself for a little pain, but Nothing can break my spirit right now. I haven't felt this good in a long time, barr the back pain and scar tissue.

I am preparing for an Easter giveaway, so spread the word and check often. I hope I get more than 4 people, so It doesn't hurt so much. I know it's my fault for running off people, but they all stuck by Amy when she was sick. Now if any of you read the nasty comment last year (end of year) it was probably someone who hates me and just wanted to make me look like a bad person. I am not and I am not braggig, but I have a heart of gold. One of the girls that I got to know at the scrapbook shop I frequented, asked about the purse I had with me on Monday and she said she wanted it, so I cleaned it up, emptied of course and Al is going to bring it to her, unless we go next week when I see the Urologist. Just keep my in your prayers. With me carrying the Hep B and MRSA virsues, anything can go wrong, but I always look at the glass half full.

Al has been playing bingo and you would not believe how much he has won in 5 weeks (not every night now--we only have 3 days that we take turns playing), but over $2,000. He has paid down some of my medical bills and then bought me a large assortment of things for Valentine. Now if he could just control that temper and learn some patience, things might be okay and I could move back with him, but that doesn't look like it will happen. He stormed out of the house last week after a disagreement.
Well I am very sleepy and haven't been going to bed early, but getting up around 8am and having good days filled with smiles. Love, Hugs, and Prayers, Pat

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SweetAnnee said...

Wow you got a load of wonderful things.
Good to see ..

Hope you feel good enough to make lots
of fun creations..