Thursday, March 18, 2010

My thoughts today

It's Easter Time

Well I am thinking how much Easter means to me and all I could think of was 3 nails and a cross. When I did craft shows, I took 3 nails and wire themed together with a tiny little wreath at the top and sold them as ornaments that you hide inside your tree, because the tree symbolizes the wood used to make the cross. Jesus has always been there for me and I have been through a lot in the last 12 years, but He has always gotten me through. Being on life support and my family knowing that I might die was supposed to be a lesson for them, not me, because I didn't know what was going on. But once I found out, my life became simple, well almost, but now I find myself living the way God would want. I have always dreamed of living in a pretty new larger home, but I realized I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and clothes when it's cold. I am a very Blessed person with a few friends who stand by me when I need them, plus I have all of you in Blogland that have helped me through some very difficult times. I don't have all my graphics from my other hard drive but I am hoping to transfer all them soon.
Easter Season gives us time to repent and become a new person. Most Catholics give up something for Lent, but I choose to give it up forever. Mine is to be a kinder, more gentle person and not let anyone hurt me. I forgive all who hurt me and then go on with my life. I humble myself and quit dwelling on the past. What has happened is over and we can't go back to yesterday, but we can change today. The future holds our destiny and if we change today, our destiny can be everything God wants of us. I have never felt this good about myself before. I have been reading a lot of Christian books and found a lot of answers to what I need to do, so my bucket list is a pleasing one for God,not for myself. I love all of you, and even though, I no longer get many comments, that's okay also. This is my blog and I see it as a journal of sorts.

I still "like" things, but I could easily live without them if I have to, but God wants us to have nice things, but He doesn't want us to worship them. So my thoughts for you today are that you are as Blessed as I feel today. Life is good, even though I am not healthy, but working on what I can fix and leave the rest to God, only he can fix those. He gives me strenght to endure some of the pain, but I still have to rely on medicine. I want to be around to see my grandchildren finish school and see my granddaughter married with children of her own. Have a Blessed Day and May God Bless you all. Love and Hugs, Pat

If you can search for "He grew the Tree", listen to it. I will try and find it. I have it on cassette and need to try and get it to a CD.

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Denise said...

Love your background.... and I so remember that song.. I have been looking for it on the internet to put it on my blog for you but cannot find it for my play list..... I will keep looking......