Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday to all who do it.

Although I don't belong to Pink Saturday, I thought I would share all the cute baby clothes I have been collecting for my daughter. No, she isn't pregnant, but if she can't have a child of her own (she's 39) they will adopt. She knows I am doing this and if it turns out she doesn't have a girl, then some lucky, needy family will get these for their baby girl.

I also found this at a thrift store and it's a very unusal lamp. I think it needs a hurricane glass globe on the top, but will have to see how it looks..It just struck my eye and I had to have it for $2.99. All in all, these little outfits cost $2.99, plus I got points for buying all of them and I am close to getting $10 off my next purchase. I also have one of her baby dresses and booties and some of my little crocheted baby things that will go great with the little yellow dress as it looks just like the one my baby picture was taken in. Hope you have a great day.

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