Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thrift finds and candy bouquet

I tried posting my thrift finds for my blog store, but the post disapearred, so I am trying again. These are cute vintage scarves that I found .

For those that collect vintage ladies things, these 100% nylons are really cool with the seam on the back. There are 3 pairs in excellent unworn condition in each box. Don't you love the name on the box.

This is a lady head vase, but not sure how old it is. I do have 3 others that are old and one that is new and it's a Red Hat Lady head.

These are for me. They are called Switch Flops and you can change them into 6 different looking flip flops. I can even make more because it's just velcro, so I see some bling in the future.

These are some little guardian angels that go in your car on your mirror. I hope to add them to my shop.

This is one of the crafts that I love to do. I do a lot of paper piercing with beads added. You have seen my cards and this one has just begun to have the beads added. Will show the finished product at a later date

. I have been working all day on candy bouquets and little gifts for the June 13th Cancer Aid bingo that is held at the VFW. I always give and make as much as I can because it's for a good cause and I love doing it. I have 4 other bouquets in the works, but not ready to show.
This is my all time favorite bouquet that I have made. I sell the big ones for $30 and have no problems, but have a harder time with the small ones---go figure. Hope it brightens your day. Now I am hungry for watermelons, but have to settle for cantelope.Have a great Sunday. I am waiting for Lost to come on. Hugs, Pat


Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
Oh it is HEARTWRENCHING to see and hear what is happening in wetlands and to our beaches. No they are not like most States beaches...but still they do not deserve to be ruined totally.
I'm glad your doing well.
Watch yourself in this heat, because it's been terrible already.
By the way...we sell those "Switch Flops" and their little straps that match at the store I work at.
They cost a fortune when you buy all that.

We will talk again soon!
Hang in there.

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce, I guess I got a good bargain because I bought them at Goodwill for $3.49 and they were brand new. Everyone who sees me with them on, love them. I would love to get the switch a roo purse, then I could make extras for those also. How much do they sell for?
It's awful to see our beaches being ruined even more. Ever since they started drilling so close to shore, our beaches are muddy and yukky. We once called Holly Beach the Cajun Riveria---no more, it's now the BP Muddy resort. I doubt our beaches will ever be the same, but it's all the marshes and wildlife that is really getting to me. Poor people had the only free vacation and now that is being taken from them and I hope they make BP pay through the nose. Just imagine what a hurricane early in the season could do with that oil. Love and hugs, Pat

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Pat! I'll be right over to join you for some canteloupe! It is my fav! Love your thrifty finds and the candy bouquets you make are lovely and you are so sweet to offer them at the Cancer benefit.

Hope you had a good weekend and are feeling well!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Joyce,yes it is and now we probably won't have decent beaches anymore.
Stephanie, it's what I do. I'm a giver,even though I was born on a Tuesday, which means Tuesday child is full of grace. Love Ya'll.