Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Thrift finds

I had some extra bucks before the month ran out and Al said to go to Goodwill for some shopping therapy-lol. I found this old jewelry box to go with a couple of othes I found and is in good shape. The little pink glass umbrella will be cute in my bathroom for guest soap and for $.39 who could pass up a birdhouse.
I have always loved seeing all the beautiful roses on blogs and I just couldn't pass this picture up, but I can't make up my mine if I should paint it white since it is going in my bedroom.Any comments would be welcome. I am tending towards the white, because most of my accessories are in a pewter color and not much gold in my room.
I used to cross stitch and couldn't pass up this beautifully done piece of work. I did repaint the matte because it was blue and the pink will be perfect---another paint job for the frame unless I find with a really vintage look to it.
Anne Geddes is a miracle artist and just the smiles from all those babies will make me smile in the morning when I brush my teeth. They have enough pink that they will be okay.
I love thrifting and we found a new place to stop near my son's house and just from my car window, I should have stopped, but will be visiting soon---bills come first always and I usually wait until the end of the month to thrift shop or the 1st of the month. I have been putting a little savings aside for my closet and things have started already. I have lots of plants that have to be replanted now that they are up from the ground and in pots. My little gazebo will be coming down because it is in the way. I put the layout on graph paper and I realized just how big my closet and sitting area will be. My closet will be 8x8 and the sittin are will be 12x8. The piers that it will sit on are there and Al is going order all the wood for the frame and base. We are using treated wood since living in the south, termites are a problem so besides the flashing on the piers, we are using treated wood for the entire project. Estimated cost without labor (hubby is the laborer) is around $1,200--not too bad.Now that doesn't cover the cost of finishing the inside,which right now is not our worry.We just want to clear out my craft room before my children get her for Christmas. I will still have the small craft room to work in, so that is off limits to them.

Well speaking of craft rooms, I am going turn the air on and do some crafting today. My brother went out of town, so it's quiet here and I want to take advantage of it. Have a great day. Love, hugs, and prayers, Pat

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