Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My craft booth at the Rice Festival

I think I made the pictures too small, so I hope you click on them to see a bigger picture. I won Best Decorated Booth that year and we thought because it was right after 911, that people would not come out, but this was my best show ever. As you can see, I was very over weight and the last picture of the inside show that same year, I lost almost 40 lbs on the grapefruit diet---eat 1/2 grapefruit after a meal. I can no longer do that because of my meds, but I have, happy to say,kept the weight off.

With the exception of the large angels, Al and I made everything for this show. My booth was 10X20 and I had things inside and outside of my booth. I miss doing the shows, but the country things have sort of died out and I am in too much pain to stand or sit for 12 hours and that's not counting setting up the booth, then packing everything away for the Christms show in  December.

Here I am one year later with 40 llbs gone---walking 5 miles a day and eating my grapefruit after my meals or for a snack.

This is my hubby who did a lot of work for me and did a lot of the painting. I like him better without the beard, but he likes it, so I don't say anything. Today he said he has a gift for me and I can't imagine what it could be. Maybe he won the lottery and didn't tell me. The suspense is killing me and my brother knows what it is. I pray he is not bringing a kitten because I have finally given up on that idea. I can barely pay for my medicine,much less take care of a cat. I hope you enjoy My Christmas in July, sort of, because I had a lot of Christmas things for the craft show and can you believe, I have none of these things left, except a few that I wanted ----gingerbreads of course. Have a happy day and smile,you might just make someone feel special. Love and hugs, Pat


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi Pat! Gosh, I didn't realize how many items you've created thru the years! Love how you decorated your booth area. It is easy to see how you won Best Decorated! I used to do the craft shows, too, and it really took a lot out of me. I so understand what you mean. I don't do them any more either. But they were lots of fun til I came home almost sick from every one of them. I love seeing the pic of you and your hubby together. Hope things are going well and that you will get a wonderful surprise today. You must share in a post whatever it is with us all!

Big TX Hugs,
Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Stephanie, the first 7 pictures are all on day. We rented a U Haul to pack everything and it was worth the extra money we spent. I still like to paint, but I am more into pink and there are some cute things that I can make. In fact your little wooden wedding dolls, I have made with apples, etc. He brought me a surprise and it was 6 Martha Stewart border punches from EBay. I was so excited, so now I am going to play today. thanks for stopping by. Your package is on it's way and I so enjoy giving things to people who appreciate my love of giving without strings attached. That is me, totally. Love Ya, Pat

Connie said...

Pat, the ribbon rosettes definitely count as flowers to me anyway, sweetpea. Just make the time to do these things, honey. You won't be sorry.