Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good news and bad news

Well I would rather go with good news first. The doctor is putting my surgery off until after December because the injections and epidurals are working. Al will be able to give me the one they gave me in the office and I will get those every month and a half and the epidurals every 4 months. I have been scared out of my wits to have my spine cut into, so that takes a heavy load off my mind. I wanted to hug him, but didn't.

Now for the bad news. The house in the country came close to exploding. A gas line broke under the house and my brother went in it to get something and the gas was so thick, he threw up and ran outside. He closed the gas from the meter and they are going to work on it today. Thank goodness he ran out of cigarettes. We couldn't figure out why we were so tired and sleepy all the time, now we know why. He opened up everything and aired out the house, so cold showers until they fix it, which hopefully will be done today. Luckily my door to my room stays closed because of the air, but had I been there, cooking may have done it. Thank you Lord for sparing us. The living room air conditoner was bringing the gas into the house and that's where my brother spent most of his time. A guardian angel was surely looking after us, because this could have been a really bad turnout for both of us.
Well today I have to take it easy, so I'm going to relax from the injection and work on my bear. Hope you all stay safe and cool. Love and hugs, Pat


Connie said...

Yep, good news and bad news, sugar. I'm just glad no one was injured in the mess.

Denise said...

Thank you girl……… This is the second email I have received today……… I am very depressed and trying so hard to overcome…… Mother is here now and I thought it would be easier for her to be here than to be next door……. I was wrong. My days are consumed with her.. She is still trying to figure out why she is here and cries most of the day.. Her short term memory is about 3 minutes…….. My sister was supposed to move down here from Tulsa and move into the house with Mom to help me take care of her….. We offered to pay her tuition and get her credits transferred to Ada and pay her to live rent free and go to school. Mother would have done real well if she could have stayed in her own home…….. Kathy drove away from here the day after the funeral and we have never heard from her since…… I have no idea how long I can do this as mother is very difficult to manage. She is very angry and she has begun to yell at me about everything.. I just need the Lord to intervene in our lives……………
Please pray for mom’s peace of mind.

Thank you for the note, it means more than you know…………

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat
im so glad yall are ok and still have a home God Bless yall Theresa

The Urban Chic said...

Thank you all. I haven't seen my brother yet, but I go back to the country tonight, so hoping and praying it can be fixed soon. Microwave food can be disgusting if eaten every day. The cold showers are nothing, because the cool water feels good with this heat.
Denise, I will continue to pray for you and your mom. I know you are going through a difficult time, but God will watch over you. Take care of yourself. Love and Hugs, Pat