Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, Monday

I'm not sure where the weekend went but here it is Monday already and we are under a heat advisory. It's bad enough when it's hot, but the humidity is as thick as butter. The heat index is supposed to reach 110. That's one reason my children won't come in the summer. They hate getting off the plane, because they can hardly breathe when they come. This is not a good area to live in if you suffer from allergies. Thank goodness, I don't, but you can shower and go out for 2 minutes and you just feel like getting in the shower again.

I've been busy working on FruFru Friday and it is coming out cute. I am thinking of starting my blog store as Al and I are thinking of moving back in together and I will have to find a way to earn extra money just to pay for my medicine. If it were only a few, it wouldn't be so bad, but with 15 medications it's rough. Guess I'll have to stay away from Micheals and Hobby Lobby-lol. It's not that bad, but I need "Mad Money", so hopefully I can get started soon. I have quite a few things for listing and some of the new things I've made. My prices will be very reasonable because I like shopping at Goodwill and always see things that I think so and so might like to buy. I Hope it turns out that way.

Well going to finish painting something for a friend, then put the finishing touches on my frufru piece. I forgot to take a picture of it before, so I will take a picture of a smaller one and might even give you a sneak peak again. Hope you all stay cool and have a great day. Love and hugs, Pat

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