Thursday, August 5, 2010

A sneak peek of frufru Friday

Just a little sneak peek of my post for FruFru Friday. This was partially completed but it is now so full of frufru, the bird may never leave the house. I had so much fun. Connie has given me inspiration so the credit goes to her. She makes some fabulous things with things she has around the house, so I guess you can call me a copy cat, but they say that is the best form of flatterly there is and Connie, thank you for your inspiration and the desire to create again. I may not craft every day like I used to due to the pain in my back, but I do try and I am trying to finish projects I started. Can't wait until late tonight, so you can see the finished birdhouse.  My only wish is that people around here liked the new frufru things as much as I do. It just has not caught on.

They found the gas leak and it was actually a break in the line that goes underground, so lots of digging to get to the pipes. I can't wait to move out of that house---is it January yet. I didn't want to move because they aren't going to sell the house, just rent it and we will get nothing. My dad would be very angry right now, even though he wasn't the type of person to show his anger, but this has gone on far too long and it's just time to break away before I go insane. Last night I had to take nitro again and next time it happens I am going to the ER even though it's probably just angina. The house has become a money pit and I thought our house needed some updating. Our house is fine compared to the house in the country. Al is working on the storage room between his job and helping my brother with the house in the country and I told him last night, it's all for nothing and as much as we like helping people, it goes unappreciated and I hate being called a bitch because I won't move out. God is watching over me and I know that great things await me and maybe I may never get the shop of my dreams and that's fine, but if our income tax is enough this year, Al is going to use that to build it.
Well I got up very early this morning, so I am going take a cat nap. Have a great day. Love and hugs, Pat


Jil~Say It With Roses said...

Hello Pat,
First, thank you for visiting my blog...and secondly, I hope you are feeling OK, or atleast better. Stress can do bad things to us. You have to do what you can do and not worry, or try not to, about the rest or what others think.
I hope you get your shop soon!
Sweet Blessings,
PS I can hardly wait to see your birdhouse!

FourSistersInACottage said...

I LOVE IT and CAN'T WAIT to see it finished...
I have you in my prayers everyday Pat, you and I both know what

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Pat Sweetie...
Oh I just can't wait to see your bird house finised, I just know it is going to be beautiful.

Now listen sweetie, you be careful with that darn stress, it will bring you down faster than you can sneeze. I will be saying some prayers for you and your family. Baby steps sweetie, and only one day at a time. No more than that.

I will pop back over later to see the finished project.

Have a restful evening sweet friend. I have signed up for both of your blogs. They are both precious.

Country hugs sweetie...Sherry