Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New stove arrived

Finally after 3 weeks, our stove was delivered at 8:15 pm. What kind of company comes at that time of night. Won't mention the Big retail store, but we had to call because they weren't going to be there until 9 and I was ready to come back to the country. I stayed all day waiting for nothing when I could have been here working on some things. I do like it, with the middle simmer burner and the warming tray at the bottom, totally self cleaning, which I like. I had continous cleaning and it was not good. I told Al he will need to put foil down when he bakes pizza or anything that drips. So the stove and microwave/vent is all together, then he found a leak in one of the water pipes, so he has been busy digging the pipe line to fix it.

The wallpaper will be a huge issue for me, because I will have to live with it for at least 10 years. I thought about painting the walls a pale pink and the wainscoating white. If anyone can picture this and think it's a good idea, please let me know. Other wise I have some serious hunting to do.

We are busy at my parents house trying to get it ready to rent and if Iam not ready to move back with Al when it's done, I will move into the small house next door. I still wish we could buy the house because it's perfect for me and for my craft room. But Al thinks there is too much to be done in order to get it up to date. At least mine is a small but cozy cottage and we are busy working on re-doing some rooms in the house.The kitchen will be first, then my living room and dining room because I want the dining room to reflect the decor in the kitchen.
Hope all are well and enjoying the beautiful fall weather. We are in a drought and need rain soon. We got a sprinkle, so we are still under a no fire rule and if you are caught, they will fine you. We are also still waiting on the building permit and Al started the storage room until I told him, he had to get a permit because the fine would be more than it's worth. Have a great day and I hope to have some new pictures to show soon. Love,hugs, and prayers, Pat


Connie said...

I'm glad things are looking up - NEW STOVE!! That means ya have to cook, chickee.... LOL

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

It sounds wonderful to be getting new appliances, although I certainly wish it hadn't come about the way it did! Can't wait to see some pics of all the work ya'll are doing! Be sure to rest every now and then! :0)

Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

Connie and Stephanie, thanks for stopping by. The kitchen will have to wait until after Christmas, as we have too much to do. Al is trying to get a building permit for a storage room, so I can have my bedroom back and all pinkish. He started already, but I told him the fine was more than what the storage room will cost. The rules and laws are really crazy now--they have to know what kind of wood and how many of each size is going to be used, which I find totally crazy. What happened to our freedoms-lol. Even in the country there are restrictions. I can wait to cook on the new stove and I will cook shrimp and okra gumbo as our first meal on it. Love and hugs, Pat