Saturday, November 13, 2010

My grandchildren

My grandson Jacob is in the Grand National band cometition in Indianapolis and they have won in the semi finals and tomorrow will be the finals. They are fixing to do their routine as I type this. He is a little doll as far as I concerned and as a grandma, I have that right.
                                                  This is Theresa, my granddaughter and she is the love of my life. She is the sweetest and most polite child I have ever known. She even told her dad it was rude to be on the computer when people are visiting, including us.
                                                      Although I would love to have more, these two are the loves of my life and they make me ;proud in their accomplishments. They both are enrolled in an Arts and Technology school and there are only 6 students in Theresa's class, so they have almost one on one teaching. She is an honor roll student and the girl reads about 10 books a week. She reminds of the little boy on "the Middle", she loves to read, just as I did when I was her age. I just couldn't get enough of it.

I have taken pictures of my trees and decorations, but you will find they almost look the same as last year, except there are fewer decorations. I may put out more things, but right now, I need a break and we are having another cancer aid bingo tomorrow, so that has been keeping me busy making donations for the bingo. Hope you all have a great weekend. Love, hugs, and prayers.


Denise said...

I have not started my Christmas decor yet....Trying to get into the spirit of things...Maybe I will start today... Love the pictures of the grand kids.. I am still waiting for grand kids from my son.. Hope is fading! He will be 41 in a couple of weeks.. Still single and loves it that way.. I may have to adopt!


The Urban Chic said...

Denise, I wish I had more, but my daughter will be 40 in Feb. so I doubt that she will ever have any, except by adoption. Still no engagement ring for her. It would be nice if David did it with us at Christmas time. That would be the greatest gift(well second greatest) I could receive from Jesus. All I do is pray for her and she is so happy with David, but I think he has cold feet.