Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Christmas tour

I have finally gotten my pictures posted on my Christmas blog and I hope that you will visit. I enjoy Christmas very much and although it's hard to see, I have little Nativity sets every where. You can visit by going to
I didn't put up all my decorations this year because of my children coming and we wouldn't want them to take me away in a straight jacket. We have been collecting for over 30 years and if I had a house bigger, there would be more trees and ornaments to see, but I took out my favorites this year and put up a tree for my daughter, because she has only seen 3 of her ornaments and I also put up a pink tree in the bedroom she will be using. Maybe next year when I have my rooms finished, I can do it, because I have moving ornaments that are so cute, but no room this year. A friend just asked me if I put them up and I said no. He used to come by to see all the trees, but he has a shop now and has been really busy doing his shop up. He has a "Reindeer" tree that I fell in love with and it's half price right now, but still too high for me to explain paying $150 for it. It's all decorated and it's the cutest tree I have ever seen. I do hope you will stop by and visit. here is a peak of what you might see.

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Rebecca said...

Pretty Pretty my talented friend. What a winter wonderland! get the picture on my blog you just need to CLICK the picture (NOT RIGHT CLICK...JUST LEFT CLICK). After it enlarges THEN you can right click and copy it! Easy Peasy! Get that other entry in so you'll have 3 chances.

Thank you friend. Love to you~