Thursday, December 16, 2010

A cute gift from a friend

Yesterday filled my heart with joy. I got a package from my son's former partner and it guess what it was? Gingerbread things. he is so sweet and I still think of him as another son. Break ups are hard, no matter which side of the fence you are on. They lived together for 18 years and it was harder on me than my son. Here are the cute things he sent me. One is a table runner, dish towels, and a cute mug with saucer to go with it. He is so sweet and I have so many adorable gingerbreads from him. I know him well enough that he collected this the entire year and just didn't go out and buy them on the spur of the moment. I still include him at Christmas and some don't agree with that, but they are friends and he is my friend also and I love him.

Going to be baking today now that I have all the things I need to get started . It's been a long standing tradition so I have to bake some. If not, it won't feel like Christmas. I hope everyone who visits my Christmas blog enjoys seeing all the frufru or as one friend said "It looks like the Elves threw up in my house" I thought that was funny, and wish I had some Elves to help me, but I only have Al.

My storage room/part bedroom will be finished this weekend, but still not ready to show as we are leaving the painting and wallpapering until after the children have left. No time to get it done before they arrive. I am getting excited about moving back home for good, which won't be too long. Seems our parents left us a money pit of a house and we are so far in debt with it that it's going to take years to get all the money back, so we are going to rent it until a later year or so to sell it. Renting it might be good, but I wish we had sold it as is from day one. The few things that were wrong wouldn't have taken so much to fix for the new owners but now it has increased. It's too big for me to keep up and my siblings don't live close enough except my brother who has COPD and is not doing so well.
Wishing you lots of joy and happiness throught the holidays and blessings to those who are sick or have lost a family member. Christmas is still sad for us without our parents and it's only been 3 years and we still miss  them so much..... Love and hugs, Pat


Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Hi, Pat! I so love all your sweet gingerbread men! Really, it is an adorable collection! I didn't realize til I read your past posts that you were to have an epidural. I'm so glad it has helped you. I'll say special prayers that you remain pain-free. Everyone just loves my beaded angel and my new Lenox ornament. I'll have to watch my daughter ~~ she might just try to slip it into her purse!! :0)

Merry Christmas!

Angelic Accents

The Urban Chic said...

stephanie, I am glad you liked it. I made the angel with different beads because I wanted it to look like old mercury glass, but didn't quite suceed. And we searched ebay for a long time until I decided on the perfect ornament, but the person failed to tell me the box was torn, so I am sorry for that. I am feeling good right now and just finished baking 2 kinds of cookies with 3 more recipes to go. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers help so much. Love, Pat