Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beautiful Day

Today is gorgeous and we are in for some cool weather this weekend. I am so looking forward to it. I want to get my winter clothes out and freshen them up and wash some of them.

Why is it so hard to lose weight when you get into your 60s? I have been following a very strict diet and can't seem to lose much weight. It's sort of depressing because hardly any of my clothes fit. Praying that the winter clothes fit, because we have been saving for my craft room. My sister is so tiny and sometimes I envy her, but I don't have as much stress in my life. The girl is in a constant moving mode, so she tries to gain weight and I wish they could take from me and give to her.

Life is good, but I lost a dear friend because of a bad situation that he mistook and we have been friends for over 40 years.I'm not even sure why he got mad, because all that was mentioned was the utility bill  and he got really mad. Friendship for him means doing everything for him and if you make the slightest mistake he gets angry, but this time it is really bad. He did call me and say he just wanted to be left alone and not have any visitors. Not sure if it's his bipolar speaking because he has so many ups and downs. Guess I don't need a friend like that in my life. It hurt so bad that I cried for hours until my chest started to hurt. That's what made me realize that I was only hurting myself and I really need to take care of myself.

Our granddaughter to be is going to be a big baby. My dil is really big and she still has 3 1/2 months to go. She said the doctors will  give her an idea on her next ultra sound as to how big the baby will be. We are planning a baby shower and dates keep getting changed, because of her work schedule and my sisters, so I may end up doing the shower alone. I know my son will help because he is good with fixing party food, so I am not worried about taking it alone. The baby's name will be Elizabeth Jean and we are praying for a redhead. We have one already, but it would be nice if this little angel would have redhair.

Well wish I had photos to post but haven't been doing too much. I really need to get busy and make my Christmas cards or else I will be sending out store bought cards. I've got a new white tree and hoping I have the energy to at least put out a few decorations. I'm getting too old to do what I usually do, but each year I say that and they all come out anyway-lol.

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy weekend.

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