Thursday, March 6, 2008

Time off again

Well, I am taking a little time off, just as Deena is doing. My chest is sore from the mammogram yesterday. The lady taking them said my breast were huge for such a small framed person, so hoping when fall comes around, I can get them reduced. Won't have the results of the mammo for a week unless it shows something, so I never worry about.

I've got craft boxes every where and if that wasn't enough, I got a late Valentine gift so got some new "toys" to play with, but I can't work in the mess and my energy is still weak. I hope it's just from losing my parents so close together, but I am going to take a nap then tackle the 2 rooms I use. I have to get some rest so I don't miss Lost tonight. For those who are addicted to it, I find it getting very interesting.

I missed my blog anniversary, but hopefully I can get something together in a week for 2 for a giveaway.

Has anyone who ever visited Mizsmoochielips heard from her? I hope that she is doing well. I miss her funny post and all the creative things she does.

Deena, if you haven't left the computer yet, I will be thinking of you. Everyone please visit her blog at Pretty in Pink, but I have her listed as deenastory. She is battling breast cancer and is taking a week off to rest, so wait a week and visit her beautiful and inspiring blog. She doesn't call herself a breast cancer patient. She is a beautiful fighting warrior and is an inspiration to women every where.

Amy, I am filled with joy over winning your giveaway. For those who don't know Amy, you can go to her blog from my list-foursistersinacottage. She has a website also filled with so many beautiful vintage items, but be warned, they go really fast. I was gone for 3 days and missed out on some wonderful Easter things, but came back to find that I won the mosaic shelf she gave away. Amy has also battled and beat cancer and she also gives me faith to carry on.

I consider myself truly blessed by crafting and blogger friends and I am going to work on another award next week for some beautiful people.

If I feel better soon, I will return sooner. I also lost a crown in the front, so I am not looking or feeling cute right now. Waiting for the dentist to call and get it back in, hopefully before a wedding we are attending tomorrow night.

I hope you all have a blessed, safe, and joyful weekend. Love and Hugs, Pat


Anonymous said...


Nice to meet you. I found you through Deena's blog. I hope you get the rest you need during your time off. Stop by sometime.

LeAnn :)

Siobhan said...

Hello Pat, thankyou so much for visiting my are so very sweet. I hope you results come back clear...I will be thinking of you until then.
Siobhan xo

Yolanda said...

I hope you feel better soon. My email is

Tracie said...

I'm hear from sweet LeAnn's blog. Gee, I hope you feel better soon.

Rest up and we'll all see/hear from you soon.


carole said...

Hi Pat:
You are always on the go and so busy : )
One day in the next week or so (should you have a moment of free time) I would like to ask you some "how to" questions.
I was talking to Mary the other day and we thought you would ahve the answers to my questions of how to make some things : )
Thank you Pat.
Have a blessed day

SweetAnnee said...

Here I am sweetie..I hope you feel better soon.
being tired may be from being sad!!

You are in my prayers and I'm hoping you feel better soon.

Don't stay away too long, I'll miss you.
I am continuing to take blogging easy this week..
but I won't stay away too long.

Hugs and smiles and lots of prayERS!!!
I'm so glad you won Amy's shelf!!
tis sweet..