Sunday, April 20, 2008

Missing all of you

Thanks so much for all the prayers and comments. I am feeling so great. other than getting a staph infection and hitting my eye on mom's wooden trash bin---going in for a CT scan on Tuesday and taking some strong antibiodics for the infection. The knot on the head is still there and my eye was so black and my headaches haven't gone away. My left eye is very blurry even with my glasses on, so hopefully nothing bad----just a clumsy fool.

We are working on a plan for us to get the house and I have been busy cleaning cabinets and washing every thing in them. Mom's kitchen is huge, so there are lots of cabinets, but I only have 2 left, then working on the ceiling.

I am also working on getting internet service, but they only have dial up in the country for now, so it will have to do, since I don't come here often. I am enjoying the clean country air and have been getting up around 8am every morning and sitting outside with my coffee.

Your prayers are working so please keep them up. As soon as the garage sale is done, I will be having a huge craft room, but won't move anything until I get it painted. As of now, my bathroom is being used as a storage space for the things we are dividing. Since the new sewing machine walked away from dad's, I don't trust, which is not my nature.

I am leaving on the 8th for Vancouver, Wa to visit my daughter for 2 weeks and I am so excited, but will have to pack 2 sets of clothes as it's still cold there. Our weather here is crazy---temps in the mid 30s and highs of 80s. Not sure what to wear any more, so haven't packed away the winter clothes.

Well I am off to visit some blogs, so hope to see you all soon. Love and Hugs, Pat


Julie said...

Have a wonderful trip visiting your daughter!

Joyce said...

"Amazing" how those things just walk off when there is no one around isn't it? We had that happen to our family as well during the dividing time. I hate that. Makes you distrust your own loved ones....and some of them, you as well. Ugh! Nasty business.

I thought you had already gone to your daughter's.

So sorry to hear about all your heath woes! It will get better hang in there.
Thank you for your e-mail of concern for my Miss Priss....I'm going to write you back today hopefully!
Be blessed,

Anonymous said...

missed you Pat!! Hope you have a nice time visiting with your daughter!!
I will continue to pray for you (((HUGS)))

carole said...

Hi Pat:
Yeah, I am glad you are feeling better. A black eye : (
I am glad you are in the country enjoying coffee : )
You sound like you are feeling alive again!!!
Have fun in Vancouver