Friday, October 3, 2008

Join Deena's October Pink Blog event

October 27th will be a year since Deena was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and she is having an October Pink Blog event, so please go to her blog and join in. can read all about it at her blog. Deena has given so many of us strength and determination by her attitude and faith. I for one will never forget that and she is truly an inspiration, should I ever face this disease. It's going to be a fun day and I have lots of pink things. I hope you join her for a day of fun and celebrating Women of Courage. If you choose to join , please do it at her blog, then use this sweet picture on yours and tell all your friends about it. Deena will make a list of all the blogs to visit that day. Also please click on the free mammogram and put it on your blog and click daily. There are women who can be saved by getting free mammograms who other wise cannot afford it. I myself have 3 aunts who had mastectomies and friends who lost the battle to Breast Cancer.
Just a thought for some of you that aren't aware of the different breasts cysts that we have. Mine are hormonal, so anything with soy is not good. There are also Fatty cysts and they thrive on high fat foods. When you go for your mammogram, ask them which kind you have---they know and will gladly tell you. Prayers to all who have won the battle, are still fighting the battle and those that have lost the battle. Love and Hugs, Pat

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