Saturday, October 4, 2008

Funky picture

This is a picture I found at a thrift store and will be putting it up on ebay unless someone sees it here first and gives me an offer I won't refuse. It's about 18 inches by 9 with layers for a 3 D look. The pictures don't do it justice and I wish I had a bar to hang it behind. The shipping is around $8, but will try something cheaper if possible. Well I have got to finish painting my next ribbon/bead holder, so I am off. Will take a picture of it when finished---about the same, only you will see all the beading trim that I have. Have a great weekend everyone. Love and Hugs, Pat


Mary said...


The picture would be perfect behind a bar. Unfortunately I don't have one either.

My computer crashed sometime back and I lost your email addy. Please write to me from my blog and I will send you my snail mail.


MizSmoochieLips said...

Haha, that's wild!

Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
We did go to the Nike Store....crazy....I guess I didn't remember that your son worked there. Too bad because we were in there for a while too.

And we of course went to a million other places.....Miss Priss wanted to go to all the Sports stores to buy something for her boyfriend (Italian Boy)....and she did.
LOTS of stuff....she got him a great Boston Celtics jersery at the NBA store.
That was a great shopping area on
5th Ave...but I think Time Square was more our price range! HA!
Mercy!! I can't imagine how your son can afford to live there....does he live in Manhattan?? I loved New York but I couldn't even imagine living there. HA!
See ya,
See ya,

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks for visiting.
Joyce, you would have to ask for him because he works in an office. No he doesn't live in Manhattan, but hopefully soon he will be able to move into NYC. Like I said at your blog, have my apt. picked out already-lol.
Hugs to all of you. Pat

SweetAnnee said...

Love the picture..
I'm so dumb..I thought you got
my lil avatar at a shop
OMG..frizzly fried brain here