Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Just stopping by

Life is busy around here and I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have tons of material and lace to put away and then start dusting and packing my "normal" things away to begin preparations for Christmas. I don't decorate for fall because it takes too much time for Christmas and we usually don't spend Thanksgiving here. Because of all the furniture we had to bring here, I won't have as many trees up this year. My enlarged craft room has to wait until next year so I am using my bathroom as a storage room, which is not fun for me.

I will be working on a new blog about my trials and tribulations and I want to keep this one for fun stuff. I am hoping to reach out to people who suffer from Chronic pain due to surgery or disease. I am also hoping that it will help people who suffer silently from GERD-gastric esphogial reflux disease. Nexium came to late for me as many of you know and I went from being a avid garderner, all night crafter, 5 mile a day walker and baking maniac to a disabled person who requires injections weekly just to get by. I don't want you to think that I live on a pitty pot, but my faith tells me I need to share so that others who suffer can deal with. You will get to see how much I have done in recent years---pictures of my old craft booths and such. Plus it will be a place for prayers, because I was given a miracle through prayer and I want the world to know that it happens and Never give up.

I am also doing this for our Sweet Pink Warrier and you will see her name mentioned often. She and Amy from foursistersinacottage have both helped me when I thought the worst of life. Deena and Amy have both been an inspiration in my darkest hours and I had many.

I hope that when I get started, you will join me in prayers. I am not looking for sympathy, but prayers are what I yearn for the most. My dad was my greatest source of prayer and he is gone, but I know that he is looking after me still.

Well I am off to boxes and boxes of wonderful lace and goodies. Every piece I touch, I think of mom and all the wonderful things she made her entire life. I hope you all have a Blessed Day and smile, it takes less energy for a smile than a frown. Love and Hugs, Pat


Lynn said...

Hi Pat, thank you for visiting me on Deena's Pink Day. Sounds like you have health problems yourself, I am sorry to hear you have had to give up so much because of it. Probably a blog about your disease will help many others going through the same things, it's all about support and awareness really isn't it?

Amy said...

I am sorry to hear the sad news. I hope you are doing well.

Thanks for the visit and comment. I love comments! :)


Joyce said...

Hey Pat,
I think your doing just fine.
It's hard to be in chronic pain..and when you have one health issue after another......that isn't fun either.
That's a good ideal to start a blog to minister to people who suffer with pain and health problems because alot of people do.
Anyhow....hang in there.
YES you do have a lot of Christmas decorations.....I remember seeing them on your site last year and thinking "WOW."
See ya,

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks gals for stopping by. I am taking a week off to pack up things so I can decorate for Christmas, then start my other blog. I had other pink stuff, but they are gifts and I didn't want anyone to see them yet. Love and Hugs, Pat