Thursday, October 16, 2008

My newest find

I have been busy painting some things for my new bedroom that will happen sooner than I thought. We have decided to put my parents house up for sale since my sister can't find the funding to keep it.
I would love to be able to buy the house, because of the craft shop, but we would have to sell ours first or find a renter who would stay and take care of our house.

Any way, I will be gone all next week to start pricing things for the garage sale and we are praying we can do it all in one week. We have to rent a van this weekend to get our furniture out and anything we are keeping because we will need the main house for all the things we have to sell.

This is a Gutmann book that I found and even though it's not old, 1990, the pictures are adorable. Somewhere here, I have an old picture of the little girl sleeping, but not sure what I filed it under, but hopefully when I clean out my files, I will find it. My scanner is old, so I am hoping to get it scanned at a print shop and put them on a disk.

I have an infection in my nose ever since I fractured it, so I have to call an make an appt. to see the doctor. Just the thought of it still being fractured has me worried that I have a deviated septum which might require surgery---the thought of gauze stuffed up my nose is not a good thought since we had to smell my brothers nose when it got broken----yuk!

I found a lot of new treasures but haven't had time to take pictures and the things I am painting, I forgot to take before pictures--oh well too late now.

I am almost finished with my Halloween cards, so they should go out in the mail on Monday. Al is on vacation next week, so he is going to sand down my 2 doors for my dressing screen. I was hoping that we could find another door like one of them and put the one with all the opening in the middle and cover the openings with a pretty vintage fabric. Al can draw really good, like Candace Olsen on Divine Designs, so I am hoping that he will do it for my bedroom, that way I can carry it with me when I shop for things to put in it. I can sleep with pretty clutter, so that is my intentions---the more the better.

I have decided to put my Christmas blog back and just use that for seasonal decorations, so it won't actually be a Christmas blog per say. I will use old pictures that aren't so great, but you can see how our collection has grown over the last 37 years. I was really into country back then and except for a few things, all the rest have new homes.

The International Rice Festival is this weekend and for the first time since 1988, I will be visiting booths instead of having one. I will be fun seeing all my crafting friends from all over Louisiana and Texas.

Well I can hear the orange and black calling me-lol- so after visiting some blogs to say hello, I am getting to work. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend. Love, Hugs, and Prayers for all. Pat


Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Smelly your brothers nose?! You poor thing. Hope yours is doing alright and you won't need surgery.

The Urban Chic said...

Ele, guess I said it wrong. When you were near him, it was worse than morning breathe with the guaze packed in his nose. I am praying also, so thanks--hope they can just clear it up. Love and Hugs, Pat

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the nursery rhyme book!! are there beautiful pictures inside too?

The Urban Chic said...

Yes, Jackie, there are a total of 13 pictures 6X4 plus the 2 little ones on the inside and back. They are all very pretty. Love Ya, Pat