Friday, October 17, 2008

My beautiful "Father in law"

I want to dedicate this page to the man who would have been my father in law, had my boyfriend came home from Vietnam, but destiny is cruel sometimes, but Mr. Norace still treated me as though I was a part of his family. He was a captain for a tank brigade during World War II and now he is very ill and they have sent him home to die at his request. There is nothing more that they can do for him, except to pray that he is not in pain. I love this man dearly and they accepted my husband and Mr. Norace respected him so much and Al felt comfortable sitting and watching some games with him when we would visit him. He is a big teddy bear and the most gentle man I have known. He raised 8 children with good manners and respect for others. The bottom picture is me and Garland at the age of 16, serving in my brothers wedding. The other picture is Garland and is one of the last pictures we have of him, because his platoon leader got his film wet and lost all the pictures he took of his men in Vietnam. Please keep this lovely man in your prayers. He keeps saying he wants to go home to meet Mom and I know that soon they will be in each other's loving arms again. I am going to visit him tomorrow and his son told me, I am trying very hard to prepare myself, but how does one do that?

To the Benoit Family, you will always be like part of my family and I love you all as though you were. God had other plans, but I am grateful for still being around all of you when we can. Prayers for "Pop" Benoit. Love and Hugs, Pat

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