Saturday, October 18, 2008

Today is such a beautiful day, but I have to spend it inside packing up craft things so the Dish Network guy can install the digital recorder on my TV. We got a better deal by packaging all our services into one bundle, so we are dropping Cox cable to save $20 a month. We had Dish before and the clarity of the picture was so great, but they installed the satellite wrong, so half of the time, we had nothing. Al will be here to make sure they put it in correctly. Now I don't have to worry about finding a tape to record Army Wives and Grey's Anatomy when I'm not home or too busy.

On sad news, a friend of ours that helped us out when my parents died has been missing since Tuesday and it isn't looking good for her. Her medicine, debit card, and her cigarettes were all left in her house, but because of some text message left on her phone and then stopped in the middle of a sentence, they have to wait 72 hours until after the text message to start looking for her. When I saw her last Sunday, she was in good spirits and was excited because she finally got to receive her husband's VA benefits, so things were going to be easy. The family has contacted a psychic and she claims they will find her in some water under a bridge and I pray this woman is just a looney. Please keep Dot in your prayers. I pray she just needed to get away from her daughter who just moved in with her.

My Joys today

God in my life

Sunshine and beautiful weather

My family and friends

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