Sunday, October 19, 2008

My friend is gone

Well we got some heartbreaking news today. Dot has been found and it wasn't good. It's been on the news and if you live in Texas, you have probably heard the story also. It appears her daughter murdered her and drove her to Texas in a box and buried Dot in her back yard. I cried this afternoon because she didn't deserve to be treated like this especially from a daughter she let move in with her to help her get back on her feet. Life is so cruel and it makes me wander what drives people to this sort of thing. It's not in my world of thinking and I do know that it can happen to any family. Al's brother was one of them---killed by his own son and buried in a hole in the backyard and only served 8 years for his crime.

Dot's mom is not in good health, so please pray for her. Love and Hugs, Pat


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend Pat :(
what a horrible thing that happened!!

Mary said...

Hello Pat, That is just horrible!
I have not heard about it on the news. I sometimes watch something else,since all the election stuff.
I am so sorry about your friend.
I can not believe all the thing that go on around us. People that you would never suspect. You and her family will be my Prayers.
Hugs, Mary

Joyce said...

That is just TERRIBLE.....I can't imagine how these people can this to loved ones or even anyone else.
So sorry to hear this news about your friend. It's just sick......

It must really upset you. It does me and I didn't evne know the lady.

The Urban Chic said...

Thanks Jackie, Mary, and Joyce. It's really sad and things have just gotten worse with the family. Love and Hugs, Pat

IsabellaCloset said...

Pat, The tears are running down my cheeks.. I am so very sorry to read about your friend Dot.. Oh my gosh how awful! My heart goes out to you and all that love Dot. I just do not understand how a child could do this to their Mother...yes life is so cruel. Dots Mother will be in my prayers..
Hope you are doing Ok.
Hugs & much love to you sweet friend.. ~Mary~