Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday Thrift Fun

Well I have been having fun going to thrift stores and yard sales, plus some of the vintage Christmas things came from moms. These globes I think I will make some pretty Christmas decorations with. The step table I am keeping---it's solid wood with no veneer and was a real bargain. The wall shelves will be painted white and the shawl is from Liz Claiborne and I love shawls when it's cool. The pink vanity mirror will be perfect in my new pink room. Not sure if the paper mache angel is old but fell in love with it when I saw it. And as you can see there is a 30G Zune that my son won playing games on the internet and you win points, but only one item per address, so he sent it to me. It will hold movies, music, pictures, and videos. The antique hand driven sewing machine is my aunts, so it's only on loan to me. I gave up bingo and I find this is more fun. The little mouse with the train still works and even though most of my Christmas things are new, I may keep it---haven't decided yet. Well I hope you enjoyed my Thursday Thrift Day. Still have more, but will wait until next Thursday to post them. Blessings, Pat


the author said...

Good stuff! I'm itchin' to get out to the thrift stores around here this winter :)

Nettie said...

Love all your stuff...the Singer sewing machine is exactly like the one my mum owns, well, actually the wooden domed cover is...her machine doesn't have all the gold swirls on it. Her machine is almost in mint condition as she never did much sewing. It is driven by a metal knee/thigh bar bit attachment that attaches to the lower right hand side edge of the machine front.

SweetAnnee said...

Hi sweetie..Grab the lil blue girl that says Deena
and Pink October on it.

I think it's a blessing I can't go thrifting

Amy said...

I have the same sewing machine!!!!!
Thanks for showing your things. Always fun to see what others scout out.