Wednesday, November 19, 2008

37 years and counting

Today is a very special day----37 years ago, Al and I got married and it was the start of a wonderful, yet sometimes difficult, time. The picture is what he gave me for our anniversary-lol. Wouldn't that be great if it were real. We have many wonderful memories and a life filled with humor from him. His humor makes my eyes roll, but always comes with a smile. We answer each others thoughts too often. Every one said it wouldn't last because I had 2 babies that he adopted and raised like they were his own. All our friends envied our marriage, while they all divorced and remarried. I think the one thing they all lacked was commitment and most of all---God. We have been through the gamut of problems that most married couples face---through rich and poor, sickness and health. Through all my surgeries and hospital stays, Al would never leave me alone and made sure they gave me exactly what the doctor ordered. He questioned every nurse who would come in with something and he slept on a hard sofa bed many a night. He is my BFF and even though we separated for about a year, it was the best thing we did for our marriage. The stress was getting to both of us and the time apart brought us closer together. I'm not saying we have a perfect marriage, but it was one made in Heaven and I knew him only 5 days when I decided to move to New Orleans to be closer, then 7 months later, we were married. We lost our first baby, then 3 years later, I got pregnant again. I had severe endometriosis and was told not to have any more children and we almost lost him 3 times. He was the first miracle that I was given when the doctor told us he wouldn't live and it was in God's hands. He is now the father of my 2 beautiful grandchildren. My daughter was a blessing also, as I developed hepatitis when she was born and my doctor said I needed to get away so I could heal. So that is how I met Al. I went to stay with my sister in New Orleans and she introduced us---the rest is history. It feels like we were just married and the spark is still there. Who could ask for more!

Today is also my mom's birthday and I know she is looking down and watching over me. In her last year, she changed so much and this was the mother I had always wanted, but it wasn't to last very long. God knows what He is doing and I think He felt she had done her job and took her home. She is not suffering, so that is a blessing. Happy Birthday Mom, I love you and miss you.

As for my friend, Bubba, (yes, that is his nickname and he is not a redneck), he is not doing so good. His heart is badly damage from the lung disease--emphysema. He may have to have surgery on his heart and the doctor will be checking him today. He will be in the hospital for a long time, then to rehab. The nurse called us yesterday just as we were leaving for ICU visiting and said he wanted us to come and visit him. With his family all gone, he is lonely and I promised him, we would visit every day. I called some of his guy friends and they will go at different times to help keep his spirit going. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. Love and Hugs, Pat

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Nettie said...

Congratulations to both of you...such a wonderful story about how you both met & everything else that ensued.
Love Nettie